Do You Include Diet & Nutrition as Part of Your Training?

Let me begin by establishing that I am not a Registered Dietician.  What that means on the technical side is that I can’t, and don’t, PRESCRIBE dietary and nutritional requirements.  That said, I have been active in the world of health and fitness for almost 3 decades and have a great deal of empirical knowledge in the area.

Proper diet and nutrition are absolutely essential in life and in training.  Regardless of your goal(s), what you have on your dinner plate can either help, hinder, or completely negate everything you do in the gym.  WIth that in mind, I recommend my clients follow a lifestyle complimentary to their training/goals.  I will provide guidelines for any clients that ask for my help in that area, but they are just that – guidelines.  Not requirements.

On a side note, I am also a practicing vegan.  I say that only to let it be known that if you are a vegetarian, vegan, or interested in becoming one, I am extremely familiar with what it means to apply that lifestyle to the world of fitness and can help you do the same.  Though I won’t require it.  :-)

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