Billboard Body

I wanted to post some pics to the site for a very specific reason. Contrary to how it might seem, it’s not out of vanity, or out of wanting people to tell me I’m pretty.  I certainly won’t discourage it (hint, hint), but that’s not the purpose.

Being a fitness professional, I get very disappointed at both sides of the equation, when I see someone working with a trainer/coach that is out of shape.  A good rule of thumb should be, “If you are in better shape than your trainer…you need a new trainer.”

If a trainer’s “commodity” is the knowledge of how to get in better shape, get stronger, lose weight, gain muscle, etc., the best way to demonstrate that commodity is the trainer’s own physicality.  If I can’t motivate myself to stay in shape, or if I don’t possess the know-how to get myself in shape, how on earth am I supposed to impart that motivation and wisdom onto you?  As a motto – My Body is My Billboard.  And on that note, here are some advertisements:


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