TradFit storms the muddy beach at Pendleton!

In the first 2 weeks of June, TradFit hit The World Famous Camp Pendleton Mud Run with a very important 1-2 punch combo.

In April and May, I (alongside TradFit alum, and phenom, Joel Bryant) trained a group of amazing individuals for T2 (Team To End AIDS) Los Angeles. The group trained to participate in the Pendleton Mud Run in an effort to raise money for APLA (AIDS Project Los Angeles). The group made amazing progress in fitness and conditioning and ran a phenomenal Mud Run.  We all had a blast training and on the course, and most importantly, the group raised nearly $30K to help people living with HIV and AIDS.  A little bit of TradFit giving back.  Here’s a fantastic pic of the group…

The following week, I was asked to be the “HERO” of the 2015 promotional video for the Mud Run.  You might not see my actual visage, but that’s because as the “HERO” I am the man behind a POV filming of running the course and doing the obstacles.  Simple enough right?  Maybe, but this was no “GoPro shoot”. It was filmed using (and by default meaning I did the course and obstacles wearing…) this:

The World Famous Camp Pendleton Mud Run was very good to Tradition Fitness this year, as were the wonderful people at T2 Los Angeles/APLA.  Please check out and support both.  Tradition Fitness will be.

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