TradFit Boot Camp gets its own tab. And it’s about time…

Check out the tab on the main page for general information and updates on TradFit Boot Camp. We’ve moved permanently to the Westside and (at least for now) to the coast, currently residing at the Playa Del Rey Volleyball Courts.  Every so often, we hop across the street and have Boot Camp in the park down there, but most times we’re getting sandy on the beach.  It’s ever growing and we always have a good time, so check things out and come join us some Sunday!

TradFit “Four Corners” Boot Camp comes to the westside!

I’ve had a lot of requests to bring TradFit Boot Camp back across the hill from Griffith Park and make a return to TF’s home here on the westside.  In 2015 that’s finally happening!  Check out the Facebook page for all of the information, but we’ll kick things off Superbowl Sunday in Century City!  Don’t worry, you’ll be in and out before pre-game even starts and at least this way you’ll earn those snacks and drinks you’ll be consuming like a proper American.  😉  You can click on the floating FB icon, or here is a direct link to the event:

Four Corners Boot Camp – Facebook

As always, boot camp is free for private clients, so take that into consideration if you thought about getting on a program anyway.  Any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me.  See you Sunday!

Let’s Get This Party Started!!!

The holidays are behind us. The champagne has stopped flowing (maybe, I mean let’s not be unreasonable here).  As you slide back into your normal routine, now is the time to make fitness a part of it.  Goal consultations are free, so let me help you figure out how to make 2015 a cornerstone of an all around better you.  Normal deals are always in effect, but I’ll be running the following special through January…

“20 for 15 in 2015” – Sign up for 20 sessions, and get 5 of those sessions for free.  The first step is the hardest, but this makes that step a heck of a lot easier.  Let’s do this!

TradFit storms the muddy beach at Pendleton!

In the first 2 weeks of June, TradFit hit The World Famous Camp Pendleton Mud Run with a very important 1-2 punch combo.

In April and May, I (alongside TradFit alum, and phenom, Joel Bryant) trained a group of amazing individuals for T2 (Team To End AIDS) Los Angeles. The group trained to participate in the Pendleton Mud Run in an effort to raise money for APLA (AIDS Project Los Angeles). The group made amazing progress in fitness and conditioning and ran a phenomenal Mud Run.  We all had a blast training and on the course, and most importantly, the group raised nearly $30K to help people living with HIV and AIDS.  A little bit of TradFit giving back.  Here’s a fantastic pic of the group…

The following week, I was asked to be the “HERO” of the 2015 promotional video for the Mud Run.  You might not see my actual visage, but that’s because as the “HERO” I am the man behind a POV filming of running the course and doing the obstacles.  Simple enough right?  Maybe, but this was no “GoPro shoot”. It was filmed using (and by default meaning I did the course and obstacles wearing…) this:

The World Famous Camp Pendleton Mud Run was very good to Tradition Fitness this year, as were the wonderful people at T2 Los Angeles/APLA.  Please check out and support both.  Tradition Fitness will be.

Happy New Year!!!

A moment of silence, please, for 2013.  It will be missed (by some).

The torch has now been passed to 2014!  Whatever goals you’ve previously had, this is the year to achieve them and/or one-up those suckers.  It’s your time to shine and to help you do it, I’m offering some amazing promotions to make it that much easier for you to jump on the TradFit train!

So hop on board, take a look at the “Promotions!” tab, and let’s do this together.  You make the goal, and I’ll make sure you get to your destination.  Challenge me!  I dare ya.  No…I double dog dare ya.  Your move.

Say “Cheese!”

For the record, I am extremely opposed to trainers having pictures of themselves on their websites and I vehemently resisted doing so. I think it’s narcissistic and douchey in general. Then again, I recognize a definite value in putting a face (or a physique in this instance) to a name. So rather than have you wonder if the dude behind Tradition Fitness can walk the walk, I posted some pics to let you know that I, and the effectiveness of the training system I employ, are both very real.

And here…we…go!

Welcome!  And thanks for visiting. The site is brand new and still heavily under construction, so please bear with me for the moment.  However my construction should not get in the way of your training, so we’re “Open During Construction!” as it were.  Take a look around.  There’s plenty more to come, but in the meantime let’s get you started on a regimen.  Email me and we can set up a meeting to figure out our starting point, your goals, and how you and I are gonna get there together.  When you set goals, I set goals.  And there’s nothing I like more than achieving a goal.  Ready when you are!

Back when it all started…

…people like Eugen Sandow (pictured) didn’t get in shape on a bunch of machines or with some resistance bands and a Swiss ball.  They more or less grabbed heavy things and lifted them.  And that’s what we do here at Tradition Fitness.  No muss, no fuss.  Just proven techniques for bringing out the full potential of the human body.  Which is much greater than many people think.